Friday, 11 March 2016

Bleach Review: The Princess Dissection

"Need to stitch my face back together for all the fan girls" 
Urahara shows off the power of his Bankai to a surprised Askin and gets help from an unlikely ally.

Sorry that I wasn't able to review last weeks but besides from being busy I haven't been feeling 100% lately (might be coming down with something) but I am here for this epic chapter! Finally we Bleach fans get to see one of the most anticipated Bankai and so far it hasn't disappointed. First off I really like the design of Kannon Biraki Benihime Aratame because I much prefer it when Kubo creates giant Bankai like Mayuri's and Komamura's because there is just so much more detail in them. I guessed ages ago his Bankai might be female looking because his Zanpakuto is one of the only few confirmed with a female spirit and it does look rather creepy looking with it's doll - like appearance. Secondly it also has a rather useful ability that can spilt open and stich back together anything Urahara wishes such has his damaged eye and his arm so he can deliver and powerful blow against Askin. Now I really don't think that this is it for his Bankai's abilities because since Zanpakuto are supposed to mirror the personalites of their owners I'm guessing Benihime also has a darker side like Urahara.

Bet your surprised Askin
As for the fight it got really good with Urahara coming back strong thanks to his Banaki ability and actually has Askin on the ropes. I do like Askin saying that he doesn't really like close combat but he did carry a really interesting looking spear or trident in one of the panels. However the fight suddenly ends with the arrival of Grimmjow who mercilessly rips out Askin's heart and crushes it. I read that a lot of fans where disappointed that Grimmjoe hasn't done much since his return but I think this brutal move really makes up for it. Now I seriously doubt that Askin is dead because Kubo seems to really like him based on how much development he hasn't given the character so I'm 95% sure Askin will transform into something else. I also am saying this because the next chapter is 666 and there are a lot of fan speculation that Kubo is saving something really big or shocking for this.

DAMN! Now that's pretty brutal!
Overall a really entertaining chapter for a Bankai that did not disappoint.

SCORE: 10/10       

Friday, 4 March 2016

TV Show Reviews 01/03/2016 - 03/03/2016

Because of work I have decided to review TV shows all together in these one uploads a week. They will be similar to my quick reviews in that I will list what I liked and disliked in bullet points and you can find out what shows I review by looking at the labels attached to this upload.

The Flash Season Two: Potential Energy
Run Flash Run!!
While Joe and Iris try to get closer to the newly arrived Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) Barry has to deal with a Meta Human who is his worst kind of opponent; Russell Glosson AKA The Turtle (Aaron Douglas) who has the power to slow down time.
  • The Turtle was such an awesome villain in this episode because not only was he a really threat to the Flash he was really cam sold me on being this psychopathic killer. The effects of him slowing down everything was great and I loved the reveal that Cisco has been tracking down Meta Humans where not even aware of yet.
  • The interactions between Joe and Wally where a really highpoint and created some really tense drama moments between the two. I liked that that there is a rocky road ahead of them; we get to see them build their relationship rather than be instant father and son. Plus they did address Joe's faults in not being there for his son because he did throw sick wife out and faked her death; the things Wally said where harsh but overall there where not untrue and I am glad he brought them up.
  • The backstory on Zoom was so needed because Zoom has been lacking in development lately because he just hasn't been the focus that much but we finally learned more about him. Liked that Tom Cavanagh was the one to say the story because being such a great actor he made it so horrifying to hear, really enforcing Zoom as this unstoppable nightmare.
  • Finally the Reverse Flash is back baby!!! As a massive fan of comics I just knew he couldn't be gone for two long and I can't wait until next episode which will be all about me fav DC villain. Also while Tom Cavanagh was perfect as Eobard Thawne I can't wait to see Matt Letscher shine as him because he was also good in the short time we saw him in Season One.
Let Downs
  • Wells killing the Turtle because while there was this really cool and dark speech explaining his motivations why did they have to kill off such a great villain?
  • This is stuff from the episode that isn't a big highlight or let down but I want to point them out anyway and first is the reveal the Jay is suffering from a fatal illness. I wish they explained a little bit more about this but they are probably saving it for future episodes to give him more to do; I really like Jay in this but the writers have bee ignoring him quite a bit. Also while I was unsure about him and Caitlin I guess its been handled really well so far.
  • I'm not really sure what to make of Patty leaving Central City, I doubt she's gone for good but this means we won't see her that much anymore. I did like there screen time in this like Barry struggling to reveal his secret while also terrified of what Zoom will do but I just hope Barry does just tell her and make her stay rather than just wasting off this relationship.   
Overall a great midseason return with a great villain for the Flash but also some great character moments for the West family.
SCORE: 9/10
Arrow Season Four: Blood Debts
"Party time"
Oliver goes on a rampage when Damien's last attack leaves Felicity paralyzed in the hospital while also having to have to deal with the return of Anarky.
  • The return of Anarky because so far I think he has been an awesome villain in Season Four! I really like is insane and sadistic personality (helped by that creepy clear mask), it was cool how we saw his symbol drawn in blood and just like last time we got some awesome fight scenes from him. Seriously his fight with Oliver and Thea with his staff weapon was so great to see and a fine example of how good the fight scenes are I Arrow.
  • This part is actually a continuation of the first one but I also really liked the connection Thea and Anarky seem to have. I know I have bashed Thea a bit this season but during the break I re watched the first half of Season Four and she is better than I initially thought. She has been doing way better than Laurel (will get to her in the let downs) because at least the writers are making more of an effort with her e.g. relationship with Malcolm, bloodlust and its effect on Damien and now her connection with Anarky. I hope Anarky continues his obsession with Thea and becomes like her nemesis.
  • Oliver was really great in this episode because it is almost like his return to his more darker ways in Season One such as killing the Ghosts and freeing Anarky. Good job from Stephen Amell for going back to this darker side and struggling with Felicity's condition.

Let Downs
  • Laurel was a real drag in this episode because from the beginning of the Season until now (with the exception of her small team up with Malcolm) all she seems to do is get in the way and make all the wrong decisions. I really liked her in Season Three because I enjoyed seeing her transition into becoming a vigilante but it seems there is nothing relevant for her to do now. I would like it if the writers gave her a recurring nemesis to concentrate on like Thea has Anarchy; Count Vertigo could have been hers but they have yet to bring him back.
  • I also didn't care much for Diggle's moments with his brother because I don't know just have one beating Andy decides to give up some info. I mean what is the deal with Andy? Is he under Damien's control or did he join of his own free will?
  • Finally after Damien's brutal attack on Oliver last episode he was barely featured in this episode. Sure they needed room for the return of Anarky which I really enjoyed but I just think he could have done more. Plus his fight scene with Oliver could have been better, there was an obvious blur for his stunt double and his excuse to let Oliver go was kind of weak to me.
  • The Flashbacks did get interesting with the reveal that Oliver's tattoo has interested the Baron and we also got to see what the prison looked like before. However once again these Flashbacks could be way better because they need to pick up the plot a bit; the best Flashback this season was the one with Constantine because there was just so much going on.
  • As for the funeral scene it was obvious it was never going to be Felicity and it is now confirmed however I really hope it doesn't turn out to be Quentin or Diggle because I think the show would really suffer for that. Who I hope it is, is either Roy because his actor wants to focus more on film or Donna because those two I think are two characters would cry and be that angry for.
Overall not as strong as the Flash return but Anarky really stole the show for me.

SCORE: 7/10          
Legends Of Tomorrow: Pilot Part 1
In the year 2166 Vandal Savage has conquered the world so time traveller Rip Hunter returns to 2016 to form a team that can combat Savage across multiple time periods. This team includes the Atom, White Canary, Firestorm, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Hawkman and Hawkgirl.
  • The whole dystopian future, the Time Masters and time traveling was handled really well and fits in the overall DC TV universe. Praise especially goes to Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter because he worked alongside the cast perfectly and has the real charisma for the leader.
  • It was great seeing characters from Arrow and the Flash again and seeing them work and interact together such as Ray and Stein geek out over time travel. As I have said before Ray is one of my favourite characters and I liked his conversation with Oliver about how he believed he never made a difference before he "died", a nice sympathetic moment for The Atom. The fun surprise came with Sara forming a friendship with Leonard and Mick which gave us some really funny scenes and I hope these three stick together a lot now.
  • Loved the moments with Kendra and Carter because like I said on their appearance in Arrow and Flash, besides a few differences from the comics, their story arc with Savage has been perfect. I really love watching their story arc and some of the strongest scenes came from them such as them fighting to decide to go or not or meeting their son and watching him die.
  • Finally glad to see Cronus who is a Atom villain in the comics; he looks so badass and I look forward to seeing more of him. Plus quite the twist he works for the Time Masters, I thought he worked for Savage when watching the trailers.

Let Downs        
  •  Waaaaaaaay too much exposition from Rip Hunter and other characters and I wished they spent less time on it or better yet tell it through some Flashbacks like on Arrow.
  • Jackson was a weak link in this because I really don't get where all this doubt and reluctance to fight came from?
  • Reverse Flash says he is from a 150 years in the future so why did he never mentioned that Savage has taken it over? Could it be possible that Malcolm changed the timeline somehow when he took Savage's ashes?
  • Wish there was more of Savage because he was a great villain but since this is part 1 I hope he is in part 2 more.
Overall an awesome start to the series and I can see this going for ages and being an epic TV show!
SCORE: 8/10
The great screenshots of these episodes where provided by the great site Screencapped. You can look for yourself from the link below;

Monday, 22 February 2016

Bleach Review: God Of Thunder 4

"Finally time for my Vollstandig"
In her new form Yoruichi starts to over power Askin and his Deathdealing power however the tables are turned once again when Askin unleashes his Vollstanding.

I forgot to mention in my last review but Yoruichi's new form looks pretty damn cool and I'm glad we get to see it in action straight away. It's name is Shunko: Raiju Senkei: Shunryu Kokubyo Senkei, which means Flash war Cry: Thunder Beast Battle Form: Flash Black Cat Warrior Princess. A really cool name (and quite the mouthful) and I like that most of it looks like it's made out of lightning plus there is the reveal that not only does Yoruichi look like a cat she acts like one too. This might explain why she didn't want to go into this form in the first place but it also might reinforce the fact that this form was somehow made by Urahara. It seems like Yoruichi only like Urahara in this form when we see some really funny shots of her licking him a and cuddling up against him at the end. Back to the fight we get some awesome shots of Yoruichi overpowering Askin and this is explained with Urahara saying that because Yoruichi's mood is constantly changing so is her Reiatsu and Askin's immunity cannot keep up. Honestly I just don't like this explanation because just like with the other Elite Sternritter the perfect way to counter there abilities is not through actual fighting or the Soul Reaper's talents but by secret abilities that have never even made been mentioned until now. Just look at the Pernida and Lille fights; they where defeated by the perfect counter measure to their powers by something that we never saw in Bleach before. I just wish that Kubo ended these fights through the hard work of the Soul Reapers and not by a new ability he just thought of on the spot.

It would be great to have her as my pet cat :)
However what I love about this chapter is that we get the reveal of Askin's Vollstandig: Hassein, which means God's Poison Taster (I very appropriate name). I like this form because first off it's not some massive change of form like Lille's was, instead it's like some of the earlier ones where it's is mostly just the wings and some minor form changes. But Askin's does look different because it has more of a futuristic look like the DNA helixes wings or the visor he wears. So far the only power we see is a massive Gift Ball that affects Urahara straight away but like Lille's I'm expecting a lot more from it. I also hope that we finally get to see Urahara go Bankai because that is one the fans have been wanting for ages now. However my biggest gripe with this chapter is that it is following the typical Bleach formula because I think we all expected Askin to survive and reveal a new form because we have seen it before in fights.

Overall I am still looking forward to the rest of this fight and I hope Urahara gets more involved in the rest of it now.

SCORE: 7/10

Highlights: Yoruichi's new form
                   Funny Urahara and Yoruichi moments
                   Askin's Vollstandig     

Let - Downs: The counter to Askin's immunity is so convenient
                       The flow of the chapter is following the predicable Bleach formula

Friday, 12 February 2016

Bleach Review: God Of Thunder 3

Now who wouldn't like a pet like Yoruichi
Yoruichi continues to struggle against Askin and his Deathdealing power however Urahara arrives to help.

You know I didn't expect it to go back to one of the fights outside of the palace, I thought we'd get a few panels of Ichigo or Uryu but I'm not complaining since Askin is back in the spotlight. It starts off with Askin contemplating his ability with a defeated Yoruichi and two interesting points are brought up. Firstly from the way he is talking about it, it almost seems that Askin doesn't even like his ability because of how close it brings him to death; this was even talked about before. Next is how Askin is supposed to be fighting the Soul Reapers but keeps showing no desire to finish off his opponents something even Yoruichi points out. I just thought I'd point these two snippets out because Askin's the one of the most interesting and well developed Sternritter in this entire arc and these things really add more to his character than being a simple throwaway Sternritter several have been. He also continues to show how powerful he really is because I don't think much time has passed when we last saw these two but Yoruichi was taken out by one of Askin's "Gift Balls" which seems that no one can fight against e.g. Ichigo and Grimmjow. However we finally get to see the return of Urahara who disappeared when the Soul Reapers we getting sniped by Lille earlier.

"Best seat in the house"
Because of their shared past I have always liked seeing Yoruichi and Urahara team up because they are so fun and comedic together and that still continues with a lot of sexual innuendos thrown in. I mean Urahara arrives staring at Yoruichi's ass and seems to cure her of the Gift Ball by injecting something in it lol. Then the most interesting thing of the chapter happens and that is the mention of the special war potentials that haven't been touched on in ages. We learn that Ichigo, Kenpachi, Ichibee, Aizen and Urahara where all chosen because they each have a unique skill to watch out for and they all fit each character. I just want to mention that I really hope this mention of Aizen means  he will be back soon because I just really, really want to see him fight again. As for Urahara it seems he was chosen for his vast intelligence and thinking out a way out of any situation which of course it is true because it was him who made the Kido to stop Aizen, the sword to restore Ichigo's powers and did several things to help the Soul Reapers in this arc. Obviously Urahara is going to think of some crazy plan to stop Askin and his over powered ability and I hope we get back to the special war powers soon because maybe, like Aizen hopefully, Kenpachi and Ichibee still play an important role in this arc. Finally the chapter ends with some more funny banter between Yoruichi and Urahara and then a really hilarious shot of Urahara forcing Yoruichi into a Cat - Girl form made of lightning which I am sure has some special power to combat Askin.

"It's a shame your not a special war potential"
Overall I liked this chapter way better than the previous one but I have to fault it for being really dialogue heavy when it would have been cool to see some team up of Yoruichi and Urahara but then again Kubo never does that and just sticks to 1 vs. 1. Also while I also hop Yoruichi kicks some ass now I kind of hope she gets defeated so Urahara will have to step in a use Bankai.

SCORE: 8/10

Highlights: Askin getting the spotlight again
                   The funny moments between Urahara and Yoruichi
                   The special war potentials brought up again

Let - Downs: Was a tad too dialogue heavy     

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Bleach Review: My Last Words

"Now I'm finally going to have the spotlight"
Uryu's true intentions are revealed as he confronts Haschwalth meanwhile Ichigo and the rest try to make it to Yhwach while he is in his weakened state.

With Arrow, Flash and Supergirl not returning to the UK for a while I thought why not review Bleach for a while again and see where it goes. I have still been keeping up to date with Bleach lately and this chapter was just another setup chapter that we have been reading for a while; Askin vs. Yoruichi, Gerard vs. the Soul Reapers and now Uryu vs. Haschwalth, we haven't had any proper fights and the plot hasn't moved forward that much either. We get a few new revelations like Haschwalth destroying the Sun Gate connected to the world of the living because he saw Uryu's betrayal but also the reveal that his seeing powers isn't so perfect after all. Is this because the Almighty ability is not as good when it transfers to Haschwalth? Now as for Uryu's betrayal everyone saw that he was still a good guy for months and months now and Kubo hasn't done anything with this subplot. I mean Uryu hasn't fought or been featured that much throughout this whole arc and his whole plan doesn't sound as elaborate as he thinks because I seriously think there was no need to keep Ichigo and the others in the dark about it. It's a shame this subplot didn't go anywhere because we never even got to see a good fight between Uryu and Ichigo which I think a lot of fans (myself included) was hoping for. However I am looking forward to seeing Uryu vs. Haschwalth and it is helped with some awesome artwork of the two of them facing off against one another.

As for everything else Chad actually got a chance to shine by staying behind to deal with the statues that have come to life which I admit I didn't see coming. And while I like his dialogue and willingness to fight I don't think we'll see much of him now since he is just fighting cannon fodder. That has been the major problem with this arc is that there have been too many characters that have been wasted and have barely done anything. Like the Vizards, Shinji in particular who hasn't fought for long, won a fight and just seems to be defeated by one move all the time now, I don't know what the hell Ginjo and the other Fullbringers are doing and where is Uryu's father been in an arc that has been about Quinces? I think the major problem with this arc is that there have been too many good guys and Kubo has been too afraid to kill them off. For example I really admired Kubo when I thought he killed off a popular character like Toshiro but no he brought him back and he is taking over the Gerard fight when it could have been the Vizards time to shine. If you want to go back even further why couldn't Kubo let BG9 win against Soi Fon? He could have fought another day then against another Soul Reaper, Vizard or even a Fullbringer but no he was killed off along with Cang Du when the two could have done way more. Finally many Sternritter where defeated off screen by Byakuya and then killed by the Auswahlen; these included NaNaNa, Robert, Candice and Meninas, four Sternritter who haven't had a proper fight this whole arc and never will now. Sorry for the rant but it is just something that has really been annoying me throughout this whole arc.

Those statues do have an interesting design
Overall not much happened because it is mainly setup for fights and what is happening next but I am also interested in seeing if Ichigo will make it to Yhwach before he wakes up.       

SCORE: 5/10

Highlights: Great shots of Haschwalth and Uryu
                   Chad getting some of the spotlight

Let - Downs: Uryu's infiltration of the Sternritter wasn't all it could be
                      Doubt Chad will play a large role in the arc now along with many other characters
                      Don't really care about Ganju now at this point

Monday, 1 February 2016

Top 5 Falling Skies Season Two Episodes

Haven't uploaded since before Christmas but I will try to more often now, I was hoping to review more Arrow, Flash and Supergirl but I think they are not coming back to the UK until March. I have been looking forward to doing this Top 5 list because it is a shame I couldn't review this season of Falling Skies because I think it probably is my favourite because of it's darker tone. Though Season Three might be a close tie because I like the intro of the Volm in it and that the humans are more like a big superpower against the aliens, which they completely got rid of in Season Four. Anyway here is my top five for Season Two, SPOILERS.

5. Young Bloods

You know some of my favourite episodes of Falling Skies is when the focus is on Weaver because he is one be of best characters in my opinion. I liked this episode because Weaver had a really touching moment being reunited with his daughter who he thought was dead and it was nice to see some good come to Weaver. I also think this was Matt's first really good episode because he was starting to grow up rather than acting like a kid and he made a compelling argument against his father for wanting to fight. Plus the scene at the end with the Jeanne and her friends almost being harnessed was great and made for a good rescue mission to watch.

4. A More Perfect Union

You know this episode might have been higher but the let down that kept it here was that the take over of Charleston that was built up with a cliffhanger the last episode didn't really amount to anything. I wouldn't have minded seeing some fighting between the people of Charleston and the 2nd Mass plus I don't really like Bressler and he was an ass in this. However they are minor things because it was a satisfying conclusion of the Second Season with the raid on the Overlord at the end which included some great action and torture scenes which lead to the death of Dia and Red Eye. Plus the cliffhanger was really good with the introduction of the Volm (unnamed at this point) and kept me wondering until the Third Season whether they where enemies or not.

3. Love And Other Acts Of Courage

See when Ben isn't completely obsessed with one of Hal's girlfriends his episodes are some of the most entertaining. This episode gave us the introduction to the Skitter Rebellion with Red Eye and the return of Rick from the previous season. I think it was handled really well because Red Eye's backstory of the rebellion was compelling but the scepticism of the other characters kept me constantly second guessing everything. Like I said Ben was great in this because I liked how he kept sticking up for Red Eye and this was the start of his own mission separate of his family and the 2nd Mass.

2. The Price Of Greatness

Quite a different episode here because 2nd Mass has to deal with integrating with another society of humans and of course it didn't go so well. It was interesting seeing some of the members of 2nd Mass accepting this (like Weaver and Tector) while other had a harder time like Pope and the Mason Family. It gave us a break from the alien war to watch these opposing views and the most compelling of them was the ones between Tom and his former history professor Arthur Manchester. I enjoyed seeing Tom trying and convince Manchester and the rest of Charleston the importance of fighting rather than hiding. All in all while there was no action it had some really strong character moments and dialogue that I really enjoyed.  

1. Molon Labe

The best episode of the entire season and one of the best in the series overall, I just loved this episode. It really tries to be scary with the reveal of thus Trojan Horse bugs that burst out of that member of 2nd Mass and started chasing the characters throughout the dark hospital. It also created a really hopeless situation with 2nd Mass trapped in the hospital but thanks to Tom really doing something unexpected by shooting an Overlord in the neck. All in all there was a lot of tension and dark moments in this episode that made it unforgettable, plus Pope was back with the main cast again.

And because I have too the worst episode of the season in my opinion was;


I got to tell you I just really dislike Karen in the series because I never really bought her as this enemy leader in Season Three but before that she had a really underwhelming return in this episode. You know I didn't need Pope to tell me she was actually a spy because it was just so obvious from the beginning, I never understood why anyone in the 2nd Mass bothered listening to her. In my Falling Skies reviews of the later seasons you know I hate the subplots that involve the love lives of Hal and Ben, well this episode was the very first one; they are both fighting for Karen like they do for Maggie in later seasons. I just do not like the rivalry that Falling Skies constantly creates between Hal and Ben because all of the time Hal just acts like a prick and Ben comes off as kind of pathetic when he could be the most interesting character because of the problems he faces being harnessed.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Flash "Running To Stand Still" Arrow "Dark Waters" Supergirl "Hostile Takeover" Quick Reviews

I have just been so busy at work lately because of Star Wars (I work at a cinema) that I have no time to review these episodes individually. So here are some quick reviews and if I find that work keeps me too busy even after Star Wars it may have to always be like this.

The Flash Season Two: Running To Stand Still

The Weather Wizard returns to Central City and frees Captain Cold and the original Trickster from Iron Heights for a team up against the Flash meanwhile Joe and Iris get a surprise when Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) arrives at their home.

  • Return of Weather Wizard and the Trickster and their villain team up! These two where great villains last season and it was good to see them again, especially Mark FREAKING Hamill! Whenever he is on screen he is always the centre of attention with his over - the - top performance which is handled really well; he does it in a way that it doesn't feel annoying or out of place. Loved the fights scene between Weather Wizard and the Flash, the Weather Wizard's flying ability was awesome to see.
  • Joe's subplot in handling the reveal that Wally West is his son because it was probably his best character arc and performance all season. We got some really heart - wrenching scenes with Joe and I'm glad we got a glimpse of Wally, who fans of the comics know plays a large role.
  • The opening with Zoom attacking Wells came out of no where and it is going to be a nice twist with Wells being forced to help Zoom now. I bet all the characters are going to turn on him when they find out which will be a shame because he isn't evil he just hasn't got a choice.
Let - Downs
  • Captain Cold was completely wasted probably because they want to save him for LOT, this was annoying because I really would have liked him to have been a part of the conflict. I'll say again I really hope that they don't play Cold as too much of a hero because I want him to eventually be the leader of the Rouges.
  • Patty's subplot with Weather Wizard was predictable and boring because I knew how it was going to play out from the beginning. Didn't like how far she was going to go for her revenge (like trapping the Flash), I felt her conflict with Weather Wizard was just forced in the plot and I bet it will never come up or play any importance again.
Overall an awesome Christmas themed episode in which Weather Wizard and the Trickster completely stole the show

SCORE: 8/10

Arrow Season Four: Dark Waters

Things turn even more brutal when Damien steps up his attacks on the city and even targets Oliver at his mayoral party.

  • Damien stole it because he was the centre of attention this episode; we got to see him interact with other HIVE members, we saw a glimpse of his family and he lost his cool and suffered his first defeat. The guy just grabs your attention every time he is on screen like when he attacked the Christmas party or showed Oliver his gas chamber. His fight with Malcolm was a standout (glad it was him to beat Damien first) and we saw more of his power like his force choke and possibly a resurrection spell?
  • The Malcolm and Laurel team up was really good because with their shared past over Sara's death these two characters have a nice chemistry going on. They kicked ass with their assault on HIVE and it was cool to see more Canary Cry and Malcolm dressed as the Green Arrow. Also Quentin's reaction and interactions with Malcolm where great as well and I do like his pairing with Donna.
  • Diggle's interactions with his brother where good because this defiantly gives his character more to work with and a unique arc that is more his own.
  • The ending left us on such a cliff hanger that I really want to see what happens next. Could Felicity be dead? It would be a nice twist if she did (don't like her pairing with Oliver) but I guess she won't because the people behind the show probably don't have the balls to anger the OliverxFelicity fans.

Let - Downs
  • The Flashbacks where a disappointment because they teased a shark yet we didn't get to see it fight Oliver. Plus it didn't feel like anything really major happened and it looks like Oliver's time as a spy in the Baron's camp is over so soon. 
Overall a really dark mid season finale with a major cliff hanger for year also thought I'd say this is more of an annoyance than a let down but I hated Felicity trying to title every "Holiday" instead of Christmas. It is freaking Christmas time, I have always hated people who don't call it such and I have no idea why she playing the Jewish thing so much, it annoyed me that she was pushing it on everything.

SCORE: 8/10

Supergirl Season One: Hostile Takeover

Astra returns to challenge Supergirl and her beliefs about her mother meanwhile Cat may be removed as CEO of CatCo when a hacker exposes her private emails.


  • The fights scenes this episode where something really amazing and such a great way to end the mid season. The flying fight between Supergirl and Astra was done so well with them flying through buildings and causing so much havoc. Then there was the attack on Lord Industries and it was awesome seeing so much Krytonians fighting at once and they brought two others aliens as well. Maxwell and Henshaw really shined as well with Maxwell trying to take them on with his special gun and Henshaw displaying some of his powers.
  • Henshaw's line " My telepathy doesn't work on Krytonians, which Superman finds hilarious" is probably the best line I've heard all season lol.
  • Cat had such great development this episode with her warming up more to Kara, her willingness to sacrifice herself for the greater good and her past about a son she gave up when she was younger. Then of course there was her working out Supergirl's identity which really showed her intelligence and shrewdness.
  • I like that we got to know more about Astra, her attempts to discredit Alura, the Flashbacks and the reveal that she has a husband however......
Let - Downs

  •  ........Astra herself just isn't that much of a compelling villain. She doesn't really stand out to much in opinion and I didn't like her cliché wanting to be caught plot. This isn't too much of a let - down because I feel that she can be a really good character in the future.
  • While I liked Kara, James and Winn working together to bring down Dirk I didn't like James and Winn butting heads over Kara and the typical becoming friends at the end.
Overall my favourite episode of the season so far with some great character development and action scenes.

SCORE: 8/10 

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